PPRC Registration Form

PPRC Registration Form
  • Personal Details

    Please complete the personal details of the person requesting this program booking.


  • Emergency Contact

    Please provide details of the person you wish to be contacted in the event of an accident or emergency.


  • ASTHMA: Please ensure you carry your inhaler if you have one.


  • Running Experience & Goals

    Providing us with details of your running experience and goals will help us ensure that the correct training is provided for you.
  • Club Ethos

    To help all people of Swansea to learn to run for life, believe in yourself and to compete with you and only you. We believe running is the best form of excerise to keep you physically and mentally fit. We believe everyone can run and we can help you achieve your personal goals. Our club is a non-for profit organisation. Any surplus income is donated to the Paul Popham Fund, Renal Support Wales.

  • Club Fees

    All sessions are free, unless we use facilities where there is a cost – at this point we ask members to pay a nominal fee to cover the costs of facilities such as Track. There is an annual membership of £40 once you have completed either your first 8 or 9 week program as a beginner runner or competed 3 sessions as a non-beginner.

  • Please confirm the best form of communicating updates from the club: