The Club

There are two types of journeys a club runner can take with the club as follows.

Beginner Club Runner – Zero Running

You currently do not run, you may have run in the past or never run but currently, have no running fitness. You may take part in some physical activity but generally, it is very limited. If this is you then you will start on one of our 5 Beginner Programs throughout the year. Each program is either 8 to 9 weeks where you either taking part in the Park Run at the end or take part in the clubs end of program timed 5k. Once completed you will have a 5k time and that time is used to decide which group you move into for the next program. During their first program, you pay nothing, once they go onto the next program, after 8/9 weeks we ask you to officially join the club and pay our annual membership fee £40 (Adults) and £25 (8-19yrs).

Beginner Club Runner – can run a 5k minimum

These are runners and will currently be able to run a 5k. They can join the club at any time at the start or during a program. They will let us know what time they can take part in a 5k and this will help us decide which group they go into to start. They complete their sessions until the end of the program. They too will take part in a timed 5k or 10k. Their time for this race will determine which group they go in for their next program. They pay nothing for their first 3 sessions. After which they pay the annual joining fee £40 (Adults) and £25 (8-19yrs)

10k Club Runner – can run a 10k minimum

You can currently run a 10k.  You can join the club at any time at the start or during a programme.  When you join us you will let us know what your most recent 10k time, this will help us decide which group you go into to start.  You complete your weekly sessions with the aim of improving your running fitness.  At the end of the programme, you will take part in a timed 10k.  Your time for this race will determine which group you go in for their next program.  You are entitled to 3 free taster sessions, after the 3rd session we ask you to officially join the club and pay the annual membership fee of £40 (Adults) and £25 (8-19yrs)

  • Program One – P1 January


  • Program Two – P2 March


  • Program Three – P3 May


  • Program Four – P4 July


  • Program Five – P5 September


A program is a set of sessions planned out over 8 or 9 weeks to achieve individual and group goals. There are five Programs throughout the year, during the 8 or 9-week members train in their groups to improve their running fitness and the end of each program members take part in a timed 5k or 10k to assess their running fitness to see if they have improved. Beginner runners are always encouraged to start at the beginning of our programs, non-beginners can join the club at any time. Our programs start in the following months:


When you join the club we assess your current ability so we know which group you should start in. It is important to note that as you start running you are a runner and indeed an athlete! To ensure we are supporting you from the off-set we need to know where you are in your running journey.  Are you a Beginner or non-beginner?  You are a beginner runner if you have never run before, have run in the past but not in a very long time, coming back to running but can’t run a 5k continuously. You are a non-beginner runner if you can run a 5k continuously in a minimum of 45 minutes or less. If you can run a 5k continuously you are then placed into one of 5 groups based on the time you can complete a 5k as follows:

Group A
Learn to Run 5kRegister Here
Group B
Improve 5k in 40minsRegister Here
Group A
Learn to run 10kRegister Here
Group B
Improve 10k in 70minsRegister Here
Group A
10k in 65minsRegister Here
Group B
10k in 55minsRegister Here
Event Group
Half and Marathon TrainingRegister Here


We have 2 sessions per week that are coached/leader led:  Sunday 9am at The LC is endurance.  Wednesday 6pm at The LC is Hill, Speed or tempo training


Circuits on a Monday at 6pm at Christchuch Community Hall this is £5 for 4 sessions for club runners and members ONLY the aim of this is to keep our runners injury free


All club runners complete a registration form when they start with the club so we have your contact details for communication purposes, we can assess your current running fitness, your health and emergency contact details. Registration is free.


Initally when you register to join the club you are classed as a Club Runner. Once you have completed a certain amount of sessions with the club we then as you to join as an official member.  If you are a beginner we ask you to become an official member once you have completed our 8/9 week program. If you are a non-beginner then we ask you to become a member one you have completed your 3rd sessions.

The Very First Beginners Session


£ 35

If joined between 1st and 31st March

£40 from 1st April

  • £18.50 to Welsh Athletics Membership
  • £12.50 to club development
  • £5 to our nominated charity – Paul Popham Fund, Renal Support Wales
  • Discounts on race entry
  • 10% discount with Sports Shoes
  • Insurance