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Swansea Bay Summer 5k Series 13th July 2022 – Round up

By Latest News

The final event in the Swansea Bay Summer 5k Series two took place on Wednesday 13th July 2022. Neither the weather or the turnout disappointed! Despite the heat over the last couple of days, there was a lovely breeze to keep the runners cool over the Racecourse along Swansea Sea Front. A total of 9 took part in the final race in the series making a total of 290 runners over the three dates in May, June and July. This was the first event since 2019, with little planning running up to the first date we are thoroughly pleased with the event this year. Some changes and disappointments over the events. Ticket entry normally includes a burger and a beer, this year we had to forgo the burger and reduced the entry fee as a result, we are hoping to bring back the burger in 2022! We also have a Fun Run for kids under 15 years of age – sadly we had zero entries for the first two series due to limited promotion and planning. However, for the last series we welcomed our one and only fun runner – Thomas Hobbs who run the 1k course in record time! Well done, Thomas. We hope to encourage more fun runners from the local community and schools for 2023! Thank you to you all for running and taking part in this 2022, post pandemic series, we hope you enjoyed and will be back in 2023! Please share your feedback with us, so we can develop the series for next year with you in mind, it will take just 5 minutes to provide your feedback, click the survey link and complete the survey by Friday…………………………! All that is left to say is thank you to you all and………….Massive thanks to:

  • PPRC Race Committee: Nigel Jones, Race Director, Fran Thomas, Marketing & Communication Officer, Donna Smallbones, PPRC Volunteer Co-ordinator, Vicky Henry, H&S Safety Officer and Dave Bivens, Treasurer.
  • PPRC Volunteers and Mario’s Martians aka Marshalls, who always go over and above!
  • Megan Bivens our un-official official club photographer!
  • Falck for covering First Aid for the event.
  • Welsh Athletics and volunteer officials, for timing the event.
  • Total Sound Solutions for donating the PA
  • LC the prizes
  • Verdis for sponsoring the trophies from Dorian Heel Bar.

Oner final thanks and Shout out to Bethany Clifford who was announced as a Junior Winner, graciously gave the trophy to the actual winner when the results were-checked! Thank you Bethany 😊

See you in 2023!


Thomas Loynes Neath Harriers M U15G 0:17:50 1
Gavin Alexander                                  Swansea Harris M U15G 0:19:09 2
Rhydian Lloyd-Francis Bridgend AC M U15G 0:19:15 3



Sioned Howells Swansea Harriers F SW 0:17:51 1
Emma Baxter Swansea Harriers F SW 0:19:42 2
Helen-Marie Davies Swansea Harriers F W45 0:19:57 3



Jonathan Butler Swansea Harriers M SM 0:15:39 1
Marc Hobbs Swansea Harriers M M40 0:15:44 2
Michael Roderick Tri Hard Harriers M SM 0:15:53 3

Overall Series Winners

Bethany Clifford Celtic Tri F Junior Category
Sioned Howells Swansea Harriers F Female  Category
Michael Roderick Tri Hard Harriers M Male Category

Full Results Series 3

For the full results click here: Swansea Bay 5k Series – Race 3 (



Swansea Bay Summer 5k Series 8th June 2022 – Round Up

By Latest News

Swansea Bay Summer 5k Series

8th June 2022

Swansea Bay Summer 5k Series two took place on the 8th June 2022! Another fab turnout after the pandemic. The wind did not prevent all athletes competing and stacking up fabulous times! Well done to all who took part.

As last month, thank you to Nigel Jones, Race Director and Fran Thomas, Marketing & Communication Officer for their support and to Donna Smallbones, PPRC Volunteer Co-ordinator and all the PPRC Volunteers and Mario’s Martians aka Marshalls, who always go over and above! Thank you to Megan Bivens our un-official official club photographer!

Thanks to Welsh Athletics and volunteer officials, for timing the event. And to last minute sponsors Total Sound Solutions for donating the PA, LC the prices, and Verdis for sponsoring the trophies.

And to the winners and those all-important results! There was some slight confusion over the Female and Junior results on the night. All trophies that were handed out are honoured and despite the female results being slightly different, the ladies who received the trophies were winners in their own right. Swansea Bay Summer 5k Series Results are based on the following categories:

  • Junior results are for ages 11 to 15 years
  • Female and Male Results are for ages 16 plus

The overall and final results will be based on the above information.


Chloe Hartley-Green Swansea Harriers F U15G 0:19:13 1
Rhydian Lloyd-Francis M U13B 0:19:56 2
Sophie Hartley-Green Swansea Harriers F U15G 0:19:57 3


Sioned Howells Swansea Harriers F SW 0:18:15 1
Llinos Jones Swansea Harrers F W40 0:20:01 2
Helen-Marie Davies Swansea Harriers F W45 0:20:22 3



Michael Roderick Tri Hard Harriers M SM 0:16:38 1
David Keenan M M35 0:17:26 2
Tristan Hearsey Tri Hard Harriers M SM 0:17:32 3

Full Results



Swansea Bay Summer 5k Series 11th May 2022 – Round Up

By Latest News

Swansea Bay Summer 5k Series

11th May 2022

Swansea Bay Summer 5k Series is back! After a long, very long break due to the Pandemic, we were absolutely delighted to hold the series for the first time in two years! The event did not go without some hiccups and teething problems along the way, thank you to one and all who walked with us to take part in the first series on the 11th of May – thank you!

Massive thank you to Nigel Jones and Fran Thomas for their support, there is no doubt that the event would not have happened without them and to Donna Smallbones, PPRC Volunteer Co-ordinator and all the PPRC Volunteers and Mario’s Martians aka Marshalls, who consistently go over and above! Thank you to Megan Bivens our unofficial official club photographer!

Thanks to Welsh Athletics and volunteer officials, for timing the event. And to last-minute sponsors Total Sound Solutions for donating the PA, LC for Junior prices, Falck for first aid cover and Verdis for sponsoring the trophies.

And to the winners and those all-important results! Absolutely fantastic to see clubs from across Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot joining in the fun – 3M Gorseinon Road Runners, Bridgend AC, Celtic Tri, Clwb Run Wales, Ferry Flatliners, Les Croupiers, Llanelli AC, Ogmore Phoenix, Swansea Harriers and Tri-hard Harriers.


1st Place         Bethany Clifford, Celtic Tri

2nd Place         Katy Griffiths, Bridgend AC


1st Place         Rachel Davies, Swansea Harriers

2nd Place         Sioned Howells, Swansea Harriers

3rd Place         Llinos Jones, Swansea Harriers


1st Place         Michael Roderick, Tri-Hard Harriers

2nd Place         Daniel Otteson, Swansea Harriers

3rd Place         David Keenan, Llanelli AC


Download Full Results

Christmas Awards Evening

By Latest News

Christmas Awards Evening

The Covid Years 2020/2021

Friday 26th November 2021

The Dragon Hotel


That was the years that was! We waited and waited and finally it was here….despite the hope that we could all attend, Covid still reared its ugly head preventing some from coming – however while they were not there in person they were definitely there in spirit!


Many things went wrong that could have gone wrong:


Did we or didn’t we have a venue! It took as from April 2021 until two weeks before the actual date, that The Dragon finally sent through their T&C’s – phew we were on! It was said on the evening – maybe just maybe if Julia Groom had not contacted us to see when and if it was going ahead would we have chased them up…………all we can say is Julia did ask us and we did chase them up and it did go ahead!


What about a band……we increased the ticket price to include covering the cost of a band. Every year we have been stung by the fee for a band, not because we did not want to pay for them, we just budgeted for a band to give up their time for free! How dare we….this year we thought we had better increase the ticket price to cover the cost of the band…..could we get one! No – although when we did – we found a duo who would have gladly come – however with people dropping out – we were concerned the event would not cover any costs! So the band was cancelled and The Dragon stepped in with a DJ!


A host – what about Badger, who has supported us each year– he was busy as everyone and everyone is these days…..Kev Johns, patron of PPF said YES! Yea we had a host and then that morning when we were chatting he said he had fallen in the week and had a bad hip but would honour our evening! What an amazing man! We could not let him do that for a smaller amount of people especially when he was already switching on Morriston Christmas Lights!


And so what did we have:


  • 54 amazing club members ready to party
  • 2 years worth of club history to celebrate
  • Awards and Trophies waiting to be delivered to members chosen by you!


So what did we do:


  • Rally the troops………
  • Dave Bivens – will you host – yes he will and he did us proud and also did Heads and Tails in the process!
  • Stephen Rees – will you support Anna with the auction – yes I will and he did and helped raise more money!

And the question remains was it a success…….don’t ask us ask the attendees……I can tell you I had a blast! From my perspective to have everyone in the room – even all of you who could not make it – everyone was there – to look back and celebrate the last two years – we had to do that – to lift spirits – to shout out loud – we made it through the other side and are still fighting through the affects!


And in the end we raised over £1200 for the club and charity! So yes if it was just about raising money it was a success, but it wasn’t just about raising money, it was about looking back, thanking everyone for their support and celebrating those members you voted for………..


Most Improved Club Runners are:

Beginners A                Mario Moruzzi

Beginners B                Sylvaine Clegg

Lee Heighway accepting on Sylvaine’s behalf – and yes we got a picture of Lee!

Intermediate A           Sharon Cunningham

Intermediate B           Linsey Ost

Collected by Leah Morgan

Advanced A                Frances Thomas

Advanced B                Alex Simpson

Inspirational Runner of the COVID Years     Andy Golley

Virtual Runner of the COVID Years               Anna Powell

Leader of the Year                                         Stephen Arnold

Collected by his Beautiful Daughter – Olivia Arnold!

Volunteer of the COVID years                       Lee Heighway

Clumsy Runner                                              Anna Powell; and

Directionless Runner                                     Anna Powell

Glamorous Runner                                        Sam Thomas

Volunteer of the Year Award             Lee Heighway

And then thank you to………………..The Club leaders……

Thank you to the Committee Old and New

Thank you to Helen Bivens for organising the Raffle, Megan Bivens the photo’s and Anna organising it all!

And so then – thank YOU – we keep saying this and will keep saying it…..all of us…everyone of us make this club work– not any ONE person – everyONE persons in this club! Without YOU this club would not be what it is today so THANK YOU and give yourself a massive pat on the back – we are all clogs in the PPRC wheel that keep it turning!

To the COVID YEARS – thank you – we made it!

To the next chapter – 2022 – if we can get through that we can get through anything!

Bring it on!

Jo Pops, The Leader Team and club Committee!

Thank you for me, Jo Popham!

Blown away by my Tiffany necklace……speechless…humbled……couldn’t open the bag on the night, in shock! Thank you, love all and each one of you! xxx

PS Program dates for 2022

Program Dates 2022

Dentists and athletes perspective on the consumption of sports performance aids: dental erosion in long-distance runners

By Latest News

Running is known to be good for our general health, our mental health but what about our oral health?


For my study, I wanted to find out if long-distance runners have a higher risk of dental erosion due to the consumption of sports performance aids, and if dental professionals were aware of this relationship. This was most at interest to me since I’m a keen runner, I use sports performance aids and I’m in my final year at the University of Portsmouth Dental Academy to become a Dental Hygienist.

To achieve this, I conducted focus groups consisting of 10 members of an official running club and sent out a questionnaire to Dental Students from Kings College London Institute.


What is Dental Erosion?

Dental erosion is the loss of tooth surface due to acids you eat or drink, or acids from the stomach such as acid reflux and vomiting. These acids can dissolve the crystals that make up your teeth, which then leads to tooth surface loss1. It is important to note, dental erosion is an irreversible condition – once the process has started it can’t be undone!


The Signs of Dental Erosion

What Has Dental Erosion Got To Do With Running?


We know long-distance runners are generally supported by sports performance aids. Popular sports drinks chosen by runners include; Lucozade, Powerade and Tailwind. Popular sports gels include; SIS, High5 and Koumanu. Runners tend to have a love/hate relationship with these products (especially gels from their thick, sticky texture) but use them to increase performance and sustain energy levels. However, these products all contain acid.

Research suggests athletes are at higher risk of dental erosion from the frequency of sports performance aids used2. It is estimated between 36%-85% of athletes have clinical signs of erosion with usual diet and sports drinks and supplements being the main causes3.


Surprisingly in the UK, dental erosion is the third most reported oral condition which is becoming a growing concern for dental practitioners4, yet the condition is not routinely screened or monitored by dentists as part of routine check-ups4.


Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle choices can include occupation, general work/life balance and any habits related to sporting activities such as the consumption of sports performance aids. Research explains that an individuals’ lifestyle can be the cause for up to 80% of dental problems related to dental erosion5.

This graph shows lifestyle choices that are related to the cause of dental erosion6.



Saliva Can Actually Help Reduce Dental Erosion


Saliva can repair the early stages of tooth erosion from its powerful natural defence mechanism that helps to repair the tooth crystals from acid attacks7. When we run, some of us get a reduced salivary flow resulting in having a dry mouth. Dry mouths can also increase your risk of dental erosion. So, it is important to keep hydrated with the help from water.


The Key Findings of My Research…


Focus Groups:

  • The majority of athletes (70%) would choose a sports drink over water on long-distance runs giving the reasons being they noticed sports drinks increase their energy levels and therefore performance.



  • 70% of athletes would use more sports drinks at an event and 80% would use more sports gels as shown in the graph below:

  • Dental erosion had been notified to 40% of the athletes at their routine check-ups.


  • 70% of athletes had some sort of awareness of the detrimental effects sports performance aids could have on the oral cavity. The assumptions were based on the sugar and sweeteners context of the sports drinks and gels.


The Questionnaire:

  • 60% of the Dental Students took part in running activity but, 0% consumed sports performance aids when out on a run.


  • During examination appointments, only 1 Dental Student asked their patients what their hobbies were and 0% asked if their patients participated in physical activity.


  • 61% of Dental Students were unlikely to ask their patients who suffered from dental erosion if they used sports drinks as shown in the graph below using a Linkert Scale:

  • Only 23% of Dental Students screened for dental erosion on examination.


  • 77% of Dental Students admitted there was none or not enough awareness in regards to sports performance aids and running activity… with a couple of the responses being;


No…it has never come up before this study”


“No I think that the questions asked in relation to diet advice are more focused on everyday food and drink…I do not hear many [dentists] ask about hobbies if dental erosion is detected.



Where do we go from here?


From the results of this study, I recommend that further education is required for Dental Students to prevent the occurrence of DE and to provide the most suitable treatment options to their patients’.


From an athletes’ perception, sports performance aids are used by a large population of athletes’, however, the focus groups reveal most athletes’ are aware of the detrimental effects sports performance aids can have on their oral health, but will continue to use them due to the positive effects they have on their running performance.


By dental professionals’ expanding their knowledge in this field, increases the likelihood that their patients’ who partake in running activity will also become more aware on the signs of erosion and therefore make small changes to their lifestyle.


What Can Runners Do To Prevent Dental Erosion?


  • Choose water over sports drinks to stay hydrated.
  • If using a sports gel, rinse the mouth out with water.
  • Chew sugar free gum to promote saliva flow.
  • Avoid the use of sipping sports drinks frequently – this causes the teeth to be hit with multiple acidic attacks. The use of a straw or ‘gulping’ is an alternative option.


Call for Action


For further reading on this subject, below is a list of links to previous research studies on this topic..